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    Our Company has consistently embraced innovation to
    provide a superior level of excellence.
  • We are leader in power & automation technology

    Our Company has consistently embraced innovation to
    provide a superior level of excellence.
  • Saving the planet by filtering used recycled water after every wash. Sparing each drop of water


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We Have Been Providing Best Industrial Solution For Our Clients.

Eco Xtreme is the world's leading vehicle cleaning solution with new innovation based on latest NANO-Technology in product and used worldwide across multiple industry sector as the world most equipment. Developed originally for the vehicle cleaning sector, this product is now precious resource for panel beaters and easy application for the average end user. So no matter whether you are an individual or a large firm book our services today to find out how we can take care of your fleet

First Car Wash with IOT integrated systems on the Continent

Spray and wipe cleaner designed to wash your car quickly without using a drop of water. A powerful blend of surfactants 'lifts' dirt away from the paintwork while polymers leave a smooth and protected long lasting finish
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Our Services

We are dedicated to providing quality mobile wash service, customer satisfaction at a great value wherever you are offering convenience.
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Our products are eco-friendly and interior products are all organic. We use less than a gallon of water with absolutely zero-waste.
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Our detailers and valeters are all trained, skilled and fully equiped with equipment and mobile supplies needed that we can deliver the best results.
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We offer detailing and valeting services at a great value to meet your needs. We offer a premium service while saving your time and great value for money.
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For over 10 years Eco Xtreme invested largely into innovative technology to expand services delivery in a smart way. Join now
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We provided affordable branded equipment support and maintenance...
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If you register a car wash with low income, we offer car wash rescue module...
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  • Low cost in products
  • Full Head office support structure
  • Increase Profits
  • Increase Capacity In Clientele
  • Increase New Business Channels
  • Increase Sustainable Brand Popularity

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Strength & growth comes only through continuous effort.
Eco Xtreme 5 in 1 sealer. Leaves a 6 month protection on the body of the vehicle, prevent and protecting against environmental elements. 5 in 1 sealer protects automotive paints against:
  • UV rays
  • Acid rain
  • Bird droppings
  • Tar
  • Industrial fallout
  • Treesap

Quality service delivery for car detailing and product manufacturing